The term "zellige", meaning "tile" in Arabic, refers to a type of decorative terracotta tile, most often glazed, made from the grey clay of Fez. This type of material is therefore characteristic of Maghrebi culture in that it is part of the history of the Middle East: it can be found on Arab palaces and monuments as early as the 10th century, mainly in Morocco and Andalusia.

These glazed clay tiles come from Morocco and are handmade in dies of 11 x 11 cm and fired at 900°. Only the clay from Fez (where this art appeared in the Xᵉ century) resists cutting without bursting.

Kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, indoor tiles and outdoor tiles. Zellige is insensitive to chemicals or acids, abrasion and heat.

Zellige enamel is non-porous and although it can become dirty like any other credenza material, it can be cleaned even with strong detergents. The result is extreme durability without any maintenance. They have small surface imperfections and their colour is very subtle. Zelliges are fired in traditional wood-fired kilns.

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