Terracotta tiles

Terracotta is the result of a process of firing clay, inspired by the manufacture of ceramics. It takes specialised and experienced master craftsmen to do it properly.

The quality that terracotta shares with cement tiles is that both end products are porous.

Today, as in the past, terracotta is used for both floor and wall finishes as well as for other types of decoration.

What is unique about terracotta tiles is that they are a completely natural and environmentally friendly type of tile. Their manufacturing process involves many steps, which can be done by hand or with the help of machines. Terracotta tiles are made from clay, water and sand and are then fired in a kiln at up to 900°C.

Walking barefoot on a terracotta floor will give you an idea of its comfort. Thanks to its heat-retaining properties, these environmentally friendly tiles will absorb heat in summer and radiate it in winter. What more could you ask for?

Previously seen only in older homes or country cottages, terracotta tiles are now making a comeback. With the popularity of the vintage movement, many people are now turning more to old and traditional trends to redecorate their interiors. In fact, many famous Spanish and Italian interior designers are now incorporating these tiles into their designs, inspiring others to do the same.

Due to their porous nature, terracotta tiles were not the best option for your bathrooms and showers. However, thanks to an easy glazing process, you can now use them for any room in your home and they will last for decades. Warm up your cold shower or bathroom today with the natural, warm tones of terracotta.

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