Terrazzo is a decorative material for floors and walls. It is made from a mixture of coloured cement and recycled marble. It consists of stone fragments, coloured marble and polished cement which give a mineral and glittery appearance. 

Terrazzo is making a remarkable comeback in the world of architecture and design, and you will never get the same Terrazzo, never the same stains. Relying on the beauty of chance and having no control over the final result is also the greatness of Terrazzo, with its atypical, luxurious and characterful appearance, it is ideal for decorators. Resistant and durable, Terrazzo retains its shine and smoothness over time, it does not retain dirt, it is modern and original. 

Easy to maintain, Terrazzo is an ideal floor covering for the potentially humid bathroom. From the floor to the worktop, including the credenza, Terrazzo is also good for the kitchen. Just like the cement tile, it can be found in different shapes and sizes: square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal.