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Traditional clay tiles used as flooring are warm and breathable. With its natural and varied appearance, this clay tile is still used today in both renovation and new construction. Terracotta tiles for flooring are usually square or hexagonal in shape. Square clay tiles are the most common, but rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal clay tiles are also available.

In addition to the size, which can vary, there is the irregularity of the tile, which is manufactured in a traditional way and which can vary during the firing. It is this irregularity that contributes to its charm. The thickness of terracotta tiles varies between 1.5 and 2 cm.

What is unique about terracotta tiles is that they are a completely natural and environmentally friendly type of tile. Their manufacturing process involves many steps, which can be done by hand or with the help of machines. Terracotta tiles are made from clay, water and sand and are then fired in a kiln at up to 900°C.


Bejmat tiles are a specific type of traditional Moroccan tile that are notorious for their vibrant green colour. Similar to Zellige, Bejmat tiles are also terracotta tiles with a top coat of enamel paint that can be applied in any colour of the rainbow.

The only difference between Zellige and Bejmat tiles is that the latter only have a specific square shape with unique measurements, whereas Zellige can take any shape and size.

Thanks to their thickness, Bejmat tiles are a perfect flooring option compared to traditional Zellige. This, along with their unique criss-cross, herringbone or square patterns, has attracted many people to choose them as a floor covering.

Bejmat tiles are a great way to add an authentic, retro Mediterranean feel to your home. For this reason, they have been recommended for years by famous interior designers around the world. For an eccentric atmosphere, add a touch of colour to your walls or floor coverings with Bejmat Moroccan coloured, glazed or matte tiles.

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