Models - Shapes - Size Zelliges

Zellige is a natural or glazed and coloured terracotta tile. Traditionally, it is made with clay from the Fez region.
In recent years, the colour palette has been considerably expanded to meet the demands of contemporary lovers of authentic ceramics.
The same applies to the shapes and sizes which, starting with the traditional 10 x 10 cm square, are available in smaller sizes.

Hand-cut zellige tiles have a perfectly original and artisanal style: they are irregular and highlight manufacturing defects, unlike industrial tiles manufactured today; their final shape is highly variable, as are their colour and pattern.

The zelliges can be :

  • glazed
  • natural: i.e. unglazed.

The classic size of a zellige tile is 10 × 10 cm.

Also, their various sizes allow them to be applied to decorate any type of space:

  • walls;
  • soils ;
  • panels;
  • grids;
  • worktops;
  • outdoor spaces: terrace, swimming pool, etc. ;
  • furniture: chests of drawers, tables, etc..

It should be noted that the zellige tiles used to cover the floor are always a little thicker than the others.

Finally, the geometric shape of the tiles is also widely available. They can be :

  • squares;
  • rectangular;
  • in the form of a cross, star or other symbol;
  • octagon shape combined with a cabochon;
  • in the shape of a scale;
  • diamond-shaped;
  • in bejmat, i.e. briquette;
  • one can also imagine any other geometrical shape.

All our zelliges are made to order and in a traditional way. The particularity of zellige is the variation in colour from one piece to another. These slight variations are due to multiple factors (location in the kiln, climatic conditions, thickness). The zelliges are entirely handmade piece by piece. It is an artisanal work, very far from the industrial standards..