Models - Shapes - Sizes cement tiles

Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, cement tiles are trendy and leave room for imagination. Whether you use them as a total look, as a designed carpet or as a mix & match version with tiles, they bring style and charm to your interior.

The cement tile is traditionally 20 × 20 cm, but larger and smaller versions are available.

Cement tiles come in a variety of geometric shapes: rectangular, square, hexagonal or octagonal. With such a variety of shapes, it is possible to multiply combinations and decorative styles. The choice of shape is mainly a matter of taste.

Whether you decide to install cement tiles on the wall or on the floor, the thickness is one of the first criteria to take into account. Our tiles are between 12 and 16mm thick, and you should consider this thickness at the outset of your project to ensure that the joints are perfect for your room's environment. This will avoid, for example, shifting floors or problems with doorways. If not, you may need to change the doors or plane them if they are made of wood.