Cement tile

Entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, no room escapes the cement tile trend... On the floor as well as on the wall, cement tiles give an authentic style to the interior atmosphere and often delimit spaces. Discover without further ado our ideas for giving a floor a makeover with this trendy tile.

We never tire of cement tiles! As well as looking more beautiful with age, they add character to our entrances, kitchens and bathrooms.

In the kitchen, hallway or bathroom, cement tiles are reminiscent of the floors in old houses with a retro style. Whether old or new, they add character to the home and evoke softness and warmth, transforming a room into a cosy living space.

Cement tile is unique and chic, incredibly elegant and inspiring, and is both very strong and charming, as it is made of cement paste mixed with marble powder and sand, then hand shaped and dried in the traditional way, no firing for cement tile. It is by nature porous, but has a very good behaviour in bathrooms. Cement tile has a rough but refined appearance, likes simple things and appreciates a simple Marseille soap and a soft sponge for its maintenance. As with all floor and wall tiles, you can also protect your cement tiles with a suitable product, particularly for the kitchen, an oil-repellent protection facilitates maintenance.

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