Cement tile colour chart

Cement tiles are perfect flooring options to finish your interior. They are popular with interior design enthusiasts and experts alike, due to their durability and customizability. Cement tiles are perfect for all interior spaces, whether they are heavily used or not. Your living room, kitchen, hallways, and bedroom floor can all receive cement tiles and will last you a lifetime. Cement tiles are also safe for bathroom floors because of their water resistant properties. Cement tiles are perfect for customising your space and upgrading it to the style you always wanted, as they can be available in a variety of colours and patterns.

Cement tiles are available in all sorts of patterns, colours and styles. They can be the perfect finish you need to complete your interior design. These tiles, depending on their colours and patterns, can give off so many different moods, depending on your preferences (retro, hippie, classic, Mediterranean, etc.)

When we say cement tiles, we all think first of tiles with patterns, but we mustn't forget that a pattern is an assortment of colours that can be spread over the entire surface of the tile. You can choose your pattern and colour from our colour chart to create your own tile.